Fire and Glory '09

Leif Hetland

Leif is the Founder and President of Leif Hetland Ministries, as well as Global Mission Awareness. Through 25 years of ministry in 75 nations, Leif is known as an “Apostle of Love” and is a Spiritual Father to an Apostolic Network of churches, ministries, and missionaries.

The present move of God has brought Leif into relationship with people like Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Heidi Baker, Dr. RT Kendall, Jack Taylor and many more. The Father has given Leif favor with God and man. Learning to be sensitive to Holy Spirit, he sees in the western world signs, wonders and miracles that a few years ago was only being experienced in the third world. Leif has also been used to spread the “Mission Virus” and impart power evangelism as a natural outpouring of God’s Spirit on His people.

Through Leif Hetland Ministries, Leif has teachings on hundreds of subjects, has authored 3 books, and speaks in conferences approximately 100 days within the western world, and 85 days in third world nations.

Leif has been through many tragic crisis in life and many of his messages have been birthed in his wilderness experiences. Leif believes in impartation and believes you “Teach what you know, but reproduce who you are!”

Some of his messages are known throughout the world, i.e. “The Three Chairs”, “Healing The Orphan Spirit”, “Soaring As Eagles”, and “Glorious Eagle Invasion”.

The focus of Leif is to be a spiritual son and Jack Taylor and Charles Carrin have been Fathering Leif with a Spirit of Elijah so that he can Father a “Generation of Elishas” for the END TIME HARVEST! His greatest joy in ministry is to see an army of sons and daughters with a greater anointing and authority that are changing the course of history.

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